Tài liệu 100 câu ngữ pháp tiếng Anh cộng từ vựng từ các trường chuyên

🏆 Tài liệu 100 câu ngữ pháp tiếng Anh và từ vựng từ các trường chuyên có đáp án



Trích đề thi thử THPT 2018 các Trường Chuyên

Question 1. “How do you like your steak done?” _ “_______.”
A. I don’t like it B. Very little C. Well done D. Very much
Question 2. “Oops! I’m sorry for stepping on your foot” – “______.”
A. Never mind B. You don’t mind C. You’re welcome D. That’s fine
Question 3. Dr. Sales is a person______.
A. in that I don’t have much confidence B. whom I don’t have much confidence in him.
C. in whom I don’t have much confidence D. I don’t have much confidence
Question 4. A quick look would reveal that France has twice______computers.
A. more televisions than B. many as televisions as
C. as many televisions as D. as many as televisions
Question 5. The instructor blew his whistle and______.
A. off the runners were running B. off ran the runners
C. off were running the runners D. the runners runs off
Question 6. People have used coal and oil to______electricity for a long time.
A. bred B. raise C. cultivate D. generate

Question 7. In the early years of the 20th century, several rebellions______in the northern parts of the


A. turned out B. rose up C. broke out D. came up

Question 8. The festival has many attractions. It will include contemporary orchestra music and an opera.

____, there will be poetry readings and theatrical presentations.
A. Otherwise B. Furthermore C. Nevertheless D. On the other hand
Question 9. When he started that company, he really went______. It might have been a disaster.
A. out on the limb B. on and off C. over the odds D. once too often
Question 10. We regret to tell you that the materials you ordered are______.
A. out of stock B. out of practice C. out of reach D. out of work
Question 11. My sister is a woman of______age.
A. marriage B. married C. marrying D. marriageable
Question 12. The fire______to have started in the furnace under the house.
A. is believed B. that is believed C. they believed D. that they believe
Question 13. This is the latest news from earthquake site. Two- thirds of the city______in a fire.
A. has been destroyed B. have been destroyed
C. were destroyed D. was destroyed
Question 14. There are many______in our library.
A. interesting American old history books B. old American interesting history books.


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