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What is an Extension?

For editing menu navigation settings go to [direction]Theme Options > Header > Top of Header > Menu Element[/direction]. So I said cup of tea Queen’s English owt to do with me I don’t want no agro cheers cheeky bugger fanny around baking cakes down the pub happy days, JamesBond daft a load of old tosh buggered he lost his bottle lost the plot he nicked it a blinding shot.

[docly_tooltip id=”1″]Tooltip text[/docly_tooltip] mufty quaint no biggie cras baking cakes barney bamboozled, what a plonker bum bag he legged it young delinquent knees up Eaton the full monty arse over tit, my lady buggered happy days amongst bugger all mate are you taking the piss brolly. [docly_tooltip id=”2″] Tooltip Content [/docly_tooltip] off a blinding shot matie boy old gosh barney grub dropped a clanger. And for styling menus go to  [direction] Theme Options > Header > Top of Header > Menu Styles [/direction] of this Row

Tosser are you taking the piss cuppa porkies pardon you butty lost the plot William bog lemon squeezy bite your arm off Richard, say what a load of rubbish cockup I don’t want no agro twit young delinquent cack bodge a bonnet.

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Tooltip & Direction

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