Tài liệu 100 câu ngữ pháp và từ vựng Tiếng Anh thầy vinh có đáp án

🏆 Tài liệu 100 câu ngữ pháp và từ vựng Tiếng Anh thầy vinh có đáp án


Trích đề thi thử THPT 2018 Thầy Bùi Văn Vinh

Question 1. Coffee is the second most valuable _____ after oil
A. ware B. production C. producing D. commodity
Question 2. We _____ on the beach now if we hadn’t missed the plane
A. might have lain B. would lie C. could be lying D. would have lain
Question 3. The noise from the nearby factory kept me _____
A. awake B. awakened C. waking D. woken
Question 4. Make sure you ____ us a visit when you are in town again
A. pay B. have C. give D. do
Question 5. I used to run a mile before breakfast but now I am ____
A. not used to it B. no longer practice it C. out of practice D. out of the habit
Question 6. The government is determined to ____ terrorism
A. put the stop to B. put stop to C. put stops to D. put a stop to
Question 7. Out ___ for a walk after she finished doing her homework
A. did Mary go B. Mary went C. Mary did go D. went Mary
Question 8. Lucia was surprised when her guests ____ late for the party
A. came up B. turned up C. looked up D. put up
Question 9. Liquid milk is usually pasteurized in order to kill bacteria for a longer ____
A. expectancy B. production C. living D. shelf life

Question 10. The majority of people accept that modern drugs are the most effective way to cure a(n)


  1. A. sicken      B. illness       C. symptom                         D. treatment


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